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It is very difficult to live with missing or broken/damaged teeth. They can cause a great amount of pain and severely impair your overall quality of life. You don’t have to live with broken or missing teeth any longer! A tooth can be lost for a number of reasons. If you are missing some or all of your natural teeth, ask one of our doctors about dental implant and implant-retained teeth. Because oral health is a major factor in your overall health, replacing missing teeth with dental implants can help you maintain good health and allow you to live you life more fully. After treatment is complete, you should be able to chew, speak, and socialize without experiencing the negative emotions that are sometimes present when you have missing teeth or hard-to-wear dentures. Our office is full of caring, compassionate individuals who are ready to help you work towards the beautiful smile you have always dreamed of. 

We offer a variety of solutions for everything from replacement of a single tooth, to full mouth reconstruction. It is never too late to begin on a path to positive oral health. Our office utilizes a number of progressive tools that enables the best of high precision dentistry available today. Dental Implants are a wonderful way to re-build your smile and have the security of chewing again. They are not only esthetically pleasing, but they are functional for chewing as well. We can answer any questions about implants during an Implant Consultation.

Stages of Implant Treatment:

1. Placement: Depending on the location, amount of infection, and amount of bone an implant will be placed either on the day the tooth is removed or with-in a three-month window.

2. Abutment: This portion is placed or screwed into the implant using specialized tools. An impression or digital image is taken for which a crown is made.

3. Crown: The crown is cemented or screwed onto the implant.