Obtain same-day, one-visit dental crowns

In many regular dental offices, the process of obtaining a dental crown requires more than one visit. However, at our practice, we use CEREC technology to create dental crowns in just one appointment! Drs. David Bingham and Don Cook of Northwest Dental Center in Boise, Idaho, invite you and your family to learn about the many advantages of same-day dental crowns with one-visit dentistry!

How are one-day crowns obtained?

With advanced CEREC technology, we can create customized dental crowns for our patients within minutes. We can even match the color of a patient’s existing teeth so that their new dental crown will blend in seamlessly. Plus, CEREC technology is more accurate and reliable than traditional methods, so patients can be confident that their new dental crown is of the highest quality! It eliminates the need to send an impression to an outside dental laboratory and ceramist to fabricate the final restoration, saving everyone time and money! One-day crowns are just as strong, durable, and beautiful as those made outside the dental office!

What can I expect during my one-visit dentistry appointment?

First, our team will prepare the tooth that will have the dental crown placed over the top. That requires us to remove tooth enamel from around the tooth’s inner structure. Second, our advanced technology takes a 3-dimensional scan of the tooth and sends it to the CEREC’s CAD/CAM software. A special milling machine will create a replica from a block of porcelain to complete the final restoration. Last but not least, our dentists will bond the dental crown in place during the same appointment. This fast, effective way of restoring the smile is not available at all dental practices, which is what sets Northwest Dental Center apart from the rest!

How to learn more about same-day crowns with Boise, Idaho area dentists

If you are interested in learning more about CEREC technology and how it can benefit you, please call Northwest Dental Center of Boise, ID today. Drs. Bingham and Cook would be happy to answer any of your questions. Our office is located at 8300 West Northview Street and can be reached by phone at (208) 314-4416 to schedule a consultation appointment.