Porcelain Dental Crowns Rebuild Your Tooth’s Function without Compromising its Beauty

A dental crown is a dental prosthetic that Northwest Dental Center in Boise, Idaho, may recommend when your tooth is moderately or severely damaged. This tooth-shaped dental appliance restores your tooth’s function and appearance to its pre-damage self. When placed with ultimate precision, a dental crown allows your tooth to function normally without worrying about cracks or chips.

Traditionally, dental crowns are placed in two to three appointments, but Drs. Don Cook and David Bingham can place porcelain crowns in one convenient visit. Thanks to CEREC technology, our dental team can plan, create, and place dental crowns within hours!

Some reasons you may need a dental crown

Your teeth are resilient, but sometimes they can give in to injuries and decay. When this happens, we can restore your tooth’s function and health using a dental cap. Dental crowns are versatile restorations with many restorative and cosmetic uses.

Our dental team can recommend a dental crown to:

  • Cover a stubbornly discolored tooth 
  • Cap off a dental implant
  • Secure a dental bridge to the surrounding teeth
  • Protect a tooth that has undergone a root canal
  • Strengthen a fractured, cracked, or otherwise damaged tooth
  • Support a large filling

The procedure of placing a dental crown

The procedure for preparing your tooth for a CEREC crown is the same as preparing for a traditional crown. After the initial consultation, we’ll use local anesthesia to ensure you don’t feel any pain during your tooth preparation. Once you are comfortable, we carefully remove a portion of your enamel to create room for a crown.

After prepping your tooth, we use 3D scanning technology to create a digital model of the prepared tooth. Then, using a computer-aided design (CAD) unit, we design a crown that matches your tooth specifications. After we approve your crown design, we send the images to an in-house milling machine to manufacture your crown from a porcelain block.

Fabricating your crown with CEREC technology usually takes 15-20 minutes. So, your crown will be out while you nap or catch up with your emails. Once it’s ready, we’ll check its fit before using dental cement to bond it permanently to your tooth.

Skip the wait with one-visit dental crowns

Would you like to restore your smile’s function and appearance with a dental crown? Please contact Northwest Dental Center by calling (208) 314-4416.

We can’t wait to restore your smile with fast yet durable and natural-looking restorations.